The cheater targets an elderly Omaha woman who promises prizes


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An 89-year-old woman lost money in a price scam and the conmen kept calling for more.

By listening to her mother’s call, Leslie is not disrespectful, but she is happy.

“I heard the part about prepaid cards and I said uh no,” said Leslie.

Leslie took the phone from her mother.

“I asked our sheriff about you and they said you were a cheat, then I hung up. My mom makes about $ 700 a month in Social Security and she’s already taken it for half of it. “

Her 89-year-old mother, who feels unsafe about being identified, already gave the caller the PIN to empty a $ 300 prepaid card.

The scammer promised the victim a Mercedes Benz and an F-150 in exchange for two $ 500 cards, or, as he called them, “fees”.

The 89-year-old is said to have won new vehicles.

6 News called the scammer and said, “I’m standing in your driveway, I don’t see a new car, where is it?”

The scammer replied, “Get out of your driveway, out of your house. If you leave their home, we will deliver their car that we don’t want to see. “

Her prizes were never delivered and the 89-year-old lost $ 300.

Calls from someone claiming to be with Publishers Clearing House or Prize Patrol could be a scam. Red flags require payment of fees with cash cards and they will pressure you to get that money quickly. Often times, the phone scammers have accents and several call a victim to create the appearance of a large organization offering high prices.

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